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Introducing Demomeb Turnkey Platform: Your Easy Way into Online Selling


Why Choose Demomeb Turnkey Platform?

In today’s competitive online selling world, entrepreneurs often wonder: should they sell on big websites, giving away part of their earnings in fees, or should they tackle the challenge of making their own online store? At Demomeb, we understood this struggle and came up with a solution. Our Turnkey Website platform was created with the idea that entrepreneurs should be in charge of their online businesses without worrying about paying fees or sharing their profits.

Taking Charge of Your Business

Unlike other online selling platforms that charge you every month and take a cut from every sale you make, Demomeb Turnkey Platform lets you host your store on your own server. This means you keep all the money you make from selling your products. With us, what you earn is all yours.

Freedom and Control

Our solution gives you total freedom and control over your online business. You decide the prices, manage your stock, and create your own marketing strategies without any restrictions from a third-party platform. Your online store represents your brand and ideas, not someone else’s.

No Hidden Fees, No Surprises

Forget about unexpected charges and hidden fees. With Demomeb Turnkey Platform, everything is clear from the start. There are no surprises, no tricky terms, and no extra costs. We believe in keeping things simple and transparent, so you can focus on growing your business.

Join Successful Entrepreneurs

Join the community of successful entrepreneurs who have chosen Demomeb Turnkey Platform to run their online businesses. Feel the freedom of being in charge and the excitement of endless possibilities. Your journey to online success begins right here.



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Unlock the Potential of Your Multimedia Assets


Have you ever invested in a multimedia asset

with a commercial license? Whether it’s a

plugin, an eBook with PLR rights, or a stock

photo, you’re in possession of a valuable





The thing is, stock resources and other multimedia assets are something we, as marketers on JVZOO, Clickbank, as online marketers, usually have access to.

Every now and again a “stock” platform launches on JVZOO and most of us probably have at least 1 of those.

However, the vast majority of online businesses and local businesses going online, don’t.

So they either pay to subscription sites like shutterstock, envato, but over-spend BIG TIME..this is where you’ll mostly find freelancers getting their assets from for their big clients.

Or they just buy per image, per piece, what they need. This is where you’ll find most local businesses that go online.

And both, will benefit  GREATLY from YOUR marketplace.







  • The freelancers web developers and designers will LOVE the marketplace because they can buy just like they do in shutterstock, but CHEAPER..
  • And the local businesses will LOVE the marketplace because it’ll be cheap, fast and without any headaches (and if there’s one thing old schoolers hate, it’s headaches.)

We Made This Goldmine Accessible In JUST 3 STEPS:



Deploy your Marketplace on your

server,personalize it with your payment details,

name, email, and logo.




Attract buyers from a pool of

58 million active users

through various client

acquisition and traffic

generation strategies.




Seamlessly collect payments

through diverse options and

deliver assets efficiently.



Marketplaces JUST LIKE YOURS are Earning Millions a year  PASSIVELY





With An Over 3.5 BILLION Evaluation And Demomeb Turnkey Platform Gives You YOUR
VERY OWN Marketplace  MUCH BETTER & DFY Than Shutterstock.



You Can Do So Too With Demomeb Turnkey Platform

Earns A Whooping  $302,900,000.00/Year!



More Reasons to Choose Demomeb Turnkey Platform:




Comparison Table:

Features Basic Plan Pro Plan Elite Plan
Preloaded Products 60 Products 200 Products 1000 Products
Customization Suitable for developers Ready-to-use for entrepreneurs All-inclusive package
Affiliate Program Not included Basic style with enhancements Professional style
Wallet System Not included Included Included
WooCommerce Subscription Not included Included Included
Payment Gateways Coinbase, Stripe Coinbase, Stripe, Razorpay, Paddle Coinbase, Stripe, Razorpay, BitPay, Mollie, Payoneer, PayPal, Paddle
Premium Plugins Advanced Premium Google Analytics, CheckoutWC Advanced Premium Google Analytics, CheckoutWC, WPSmartPay (Paddle for woocommerce) Advanced Premium Google Analytics, CheckoutWC, Points and Rewards for WooCommerce , RafflePress – WordPress Giveaway Plugin, WPSmartPay (Paddle for woocommerce)
Gutenberg Blocks 30+ Customizable Blocks 30+ Customizable Blocks 30+ Customizable Blocks
User Account Pages Improved Improved Improved
Shop Catalog Options Grid/List Layout + Shop Categories Grid/List Layout + Shop Categories Grid/List Layout + Shop Categories
Single Product Variations 3 variations 3 variations 3 variations
Secondary Pages About, Contacts, 404, etc. About, Contacts, 404, etc. About, Contacts, 404, etc.
Blog Pages Various layouts Various layouts Various layouts
Header Variations 10 variations 10 variations 10 variations
Bootstrap Latest version Latest version Latest version
Mobile-First Design Demomeb Turnkey Platform is 100% fluid & responsive across all device types. Demomeb Turnkey Platform is 100% fluid & responsive across all device types. Demomeb Turnkey Platform is 100% fluid & responsive across all device types.
Mobile Toolbar Designed for handheld devices Designed for handheld devices Designed for handheld devices
Touch-enabled Sliders Yes Yes Yes
Mega-Menu Functionality Yes Yes Yes
Retina Ready Font Icons Yes Yes Yes
Free Licensed Google Font Yes Yes Yes
W3C Valid HTML Code Yes Yes Yes
SEO Friendly Markup Yes Yes Yes

Now, you can clearly see how Demomeb Turnkey Platform stands out among the competition, offering unparalleled control, flexibility, and transparency in your e-commerce journey.



To start using the Demomeb Turnkey Platform, please ensure that you meet the following initial requirements:

1. WordPress Installation
Make sure you have a WordPress website set up and running. The Demomeb Turnkey Platform is designed to work with a WordPress platform.

2. License Key
You will need to obtain a License key from Demomeb.com to access the platform’s features and services. This license key is essential for the platform to function correctly.

3. Server Requirements
As you are planing importing this platform on your site, we hope you have already installed WordPress. Now check the following list to match your server status and Demomeb Turnkey Platform requirements.

💡 Tips! PHP configuration file is known as php.ini which is found in WordPress admin directory. There you can change the configuration matching the following…
PHP version The minimum required PHP version for this platform is 8.0.
MySql version The minimum required MySQL version  5.015 or higher (Alternatively, MariaDB, version 10.1 or higher).
PHP Memory Limit The preferred PHP memory limit is 512 MB or higher
Max Upload Size Minimum 64MB or higher is preferred

PHP Time limit

The maximum execution time limit is 300 seconds preferable.

If you’re in need of a reliable web hosting provider, we recommend considering one of the following:


DFY Installation Service:
Don’t have the time or patience to deal with the installation process? We’ve got you covered! Our Done For You (DFY) Installation Service takes the hassle out of setting up your Demomeb Turnkey Platform. Whether you’re new to WordPress or simply prefer a hands-off approach, our expert team will swiftly configure your site to match our demo, saving you time and effort.

[Note: The DFY Installation Service is exclusively for those who seek a seamless setup experience without the headache of installation.]

Learn more about our DFY Installation Service

1 Is buying DTP a one-time charge?
The plugins included in the construction of the "Demomeb Turnkey Platform" are provided on a 12-month subscription basis. Updates for these plugins will be delivered via Pcloud. Following the initial year, you have the option to renew your subscription annually for $30, should you desire continued access to updates and support. Alternatively, You may opt for lifetime use of the plugins; however, ongoing support and updates will only be accessible while the license remains active. Notably, lifetime updates and support are exclusively offered for the Demomeb Theme and Demomeb-child theme.
2 How do you provide support?
If you need any assistance you can create a new support ticket and our team will respond as quickly as possible. We usually respond within 1-2 business days. Product support via email, phone, Facebook, or Twitter is unavailable at this time.
3 How often are the plugins & themes updated?
The frequency of plugin updates depends on the developers' release schedule. As for our themes, updates may occur when we introduce new features or fix bugs. You can review the changelog on the product page to find the latest version.
4 Do you offer refunds?
Our commitment to customer satisfaction includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, applicable only if the product is non-functional and we are unable to resolve the issue after you've contacted us for assistance. Additionally, we offer a unique promise: if you haven't made any sales within one year of your purchase, we'll refund you double the amount you paid. For more information, please refer to our refund policy page.
5 How do I download the plugin files after the purchase?
Once your order is complete, you should receive an email notification with a download link. You may also go to your account page and click the Downloads tab to find all available products.

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