Product Description

VidRactor is an Action-Based & Personalized Video Technology to Improve Engagement And Turn Viewers into Leads, Sales & Profits in Minutes

It helps you to make your customers or audience interact with you using 35+ action triggers.

Not just that, based on inputs to those triggers, you can serve your audience what they are interested in, keep them engaged, and tempt them to take the action you want.

The PERSONALIZATION FEATURE helps you to Personalize video content with customer names and their location which captures attention and leads to higher conversions.
VidRactor allows you to convert Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia, OR self-hosted videos into an interactive video using which you can get user reactions at a specific part of the video.
With VidRactor you can do the following things:

– Add Text OR image
– Add “Call to Action”
– Add Optin form to collect leads
– Ask questions to collect user answers
– Add a countdown timer to generate scarcity

– Add a Hotspot in the video so if the user clicks on the hotspot section of the video assigned action will happen like the fast forward video to a certain timeframe of video, redirecting to a third-party website link, OR showing some message with the button.
– Add a Button on the video

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