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💡 Tips! PHP configuration file is known as php.ini which is found in the root of your website. There you can change the configuration matching the following…
PHP version The minimum required PHP version for this platform is 7.4.
MySql version The minimum required MySQL version  5.015 or higher (Alternatively, MariaDB, version 10.1 or higher).
PHP Memory Limit The preferred PHP memory limit is 512 MB or higher
Max Upload Size Minimum 64MB or higher is preferred
PHP Time limit The maximum execution time limit is 300 seconds preferable.


Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install the MegaPlr app:

1. **Upload MegaPlr Files:**
– Upload the `` file to your hosting server.
– Extract the contents of the `` file after uploading it. You can use cPanel File Manager or any FTP client like FileZilla for this step.

2. **Create Your Database:**
– Log in to your hosting control panel.
– Find the section for creating databases (usually labeled “MySQL Databases”).
– Create a new database for MegaPlr to use. Note down the database name, username, and password you set up.

3. **Configure Database Credentials:**
– Navigate to `\application\config\database.php` within the extracted MegaPlr files.
– Open `database.php` file using a text editor.
– Update the database credentials with the database name, username, and password you created in step 2.

4. **Configure SMTP Credentials:**
– Go to `\application\helpers\function_helper.php` within the extracted MegaPlr files.
– Open `function_helper.php` file using a text editor.
– Update the SMTP credentials with the details of your SMTP server. This is necessary for sending emails from the application.

5. **Access the MegaPlr Admin Panel:**
– Open a web browser and enter the URL of your MegaPlr installation, typically ``.
– You should be redirected to the MegaPlr admin login page.
– Use the following credentials to log in:
– **Admin Username:** [email protected]
– **Admin Password:** [email protected]

6. **Register Users:**
– Once logged in, you can start using the MegaPlr admin panel.
– Share the registration link (``) with users who want to register on your MegaPlr platform.

After completing these steps, your MegaPlr app should be installed and ready to use. Make sure to check for any additional configuration steps or updates in the app’s documentation provided by the developer.

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